February 10, 2010

Confusion... (Other name of marriage?!)

How can one come out of the old days?!

I am missing few things so much... yet i am enjoying the new life..

Sometimes i feel as if how am i so engrossed in my old days?! and there have been times when when i curse that how can i leave so much behind!!

Guess marriage does that to you! :)

Happy to be back blogging!!

September 16, 2008

To sir... with love!

As i am on a spree on writing about ‘relationship management’, thought of mentioning a thing which i;’ve been thinking about since long now….As long as since i was in college…(which was not THAT long ago!!)

We had a professor, who had a dynamic personality, was an excellent orator, command over the subject as well as language, and to top it all, was exceptionally handsome! Obviously, all the girls in our class were ga-ga over him! We literally used to wait for his classes, even though his classes were scheduled daily! Now you must be thinking, if the girls were so much infatuated by him, the boys apparently would be jealous of him.. but no, in fact, they all were so much impressed by him, that they just wished they would become like him in future!

This happens very rarely that a professor has such an impact over both the groups in the class.. or else many a times it’s a female faculty having a male students following and a dynamic male faculty having a female fan following!

Being a lecturer myself, and that too for a course like MBA, which requires the students to be around for such a long time, where we have constant interaction with students (they being in hundreds in number), we encounter such infatuations every now and then! (let me mention this very clearly that i am not at all considering myself in the league of my professors, because I am not even half way there! But still, what do the students know, right?!?!)

I still ponder sometimes, what is it that makes a professor to be in the ‘list’ of students? Even if the professor is a ‘don’, or a ‘Hitler’ when it comes to conducting the classes? Personality, subject command, or something else?

September 12, 2008

Relationship Management!

One of my very good friends also happens to be my school mate. So i get to know all the ‘boys’ secrets from him every now and then! And also i ask him to complete all the half – baked stories which were cooked in school times… which now makes sense…strange but funny!
He has always been in most of the stories revolving the ‘triangles’.. or should I say, ‘failed triangles’..! Many girls, it turned out so, were ‘infatuated’ by him in those days…but that is very obvious, because of his tall – dark – handsome looks, as well as intelligence.. but then, he was also ‘known’ to be very shy!

Few months ago, we’d had a re – union party, after which suddenly all the girls came back into his contact, and somehow, they got to know that we are good friends.. so, to ‘target’ him, all of a sudden, i have started to get the attention!! They talk to me in such a manner, as if we were never off contact, or as if we were best friends for ever!! And all this to impress my friend!!

He also knows this; i have also quite a few times ‘saved’ him! He also has that much of faith that if at all anything happens; i’ll be there to ‘save’ him, which i of course will! And the moment I get any news on this front, he is the one to get it next from me, or if he is getting any such ‘vibes’, then we ‘discuss’ it!

Now this fellow is a gentleman to the core! I know any girl would be more than happy to be with him! Anybody who knows him will vouch for this…
(And as his friend, i also wish he gets such a girl who’ll keep him happy and will be just like him, true and caring.)
If this is the case, why can’t the girls understand this? That by making such stupid moves, they are not going to achieve anything?!

For me, i get innumerable chances to tease him, and have fun doing all ‘relationship management’!!

August 17, 2008

For sure!

" My heart it speaks a thousand words

I feel eternal bliss,

The roses pout, their scarlet mouths like offering a kiss,

No drop of rain, no glowing flame has ever been so pure,

If being in love can feel like this

Then i am love for sure..."

I can feel many more things, because of which i can feel i'm in love for sure..... is it all this? Or many more things than these? When do you know you're in love, for sure?

August 4, 2008

Smart Work!

I’ve been mentioning the fun i always have at my workplace. And as that is mostly because i have to deal with lots and lots of students, of all kinds and varieties, it makes it sure that something or the other always happens which is utmost funny!
I’d written about my funny GD PI experiences. That batch has finally started and fortunately, we’ve got really good students.

But, our college also undertakes few activities where other students are also involved, one of them being an English diagnostic test. We have designed many comprehensive tests like psychometric tests, verbal communication test, and etc.. The process is very simple, a candidate has t give the test, and based on the results, we give counseling and guidance.

While going through answers of such tests, i found out a paper for English diagnostic test, which was given by a candidate who was already a graduate! He’d given correct answers to almost all the grammar, verbal and reading comprehension questions. But i donno what happened in the last section, where they were suppose to write a small essay. The topic was “Smart work is better than hard work”. Sounds simple? Well, this is exactly what this ‘smart’ candidate has written. Read along:

Work. The word ‘work’ means to do something. Every action comes under the word ‘work’. It is the only common thing which never ends. Every body has to do some work. It means anything done for ourself or other it is said to be work. Nowadays, everybody is scarce of doing work.
There are various types of works. All the works done has some motive in it. Without motive a work is not done to an extent. Working as an labourer in an manufacturing industry has also an motive. The motive behind that labour is to earn money for his livelihood. But as a labour he has to do physical work whole day and all he has earn is a little amount of money.
Nobody likes to work. Therefore any person who works is paid for the work done by him. The word paid express for which the work is being done working with an corporate firm and having hundreds of labour working under is better option than working with hundred of labours. Being on key position of a company is likely to all.
It is a better option to be in sitting in an airconditional office rather than to work as an peon in that office. The peon has to hear a lot from the staff over him. He has to work whole time giving them files, water, tea, etc.
Teaching job means its an type of work in which a teacher has to teach the same think to the class whole life. For example, an English teacher of 5th class has to teach English subject to the same class for the his whole life by getting paid for it. Being an principle is best than beaing an teacher.
And therefore, smart work is better than hard work.

After this, i really wonder how we would counsel this kind of students. I kept laughing for such a long time!

Anybody has any idea!?

July 20, 2008

Nostalgic moments...

Today we’d gone to our maternal grandparents’ place. It was after so many months that all four of us, i.e. my parents and me and my bro had gone to their place together. There are many reasons for that, primarily because my dad has been transferred to Mumbai and he cannot come frequently here, I and my brother have been very busy in our respective routines lately.

But today somehow everybody was available. And my maternal aunt had also come with her son. And as we were talking and relishing the sweets made by our Aaji (naani), we realized that it’s been so many years, not even months, that all of us cousins have spent some time together at that place.

Our grandpa’s place used to be our destination in every summer vacation. We used to go to a small hill near their house in the morning. And then used to play cards for hours together! Then there were innumerable fights, giving names to each other, scolding everybody else for supposedly done cheating, etc… In the evening, we used to throw water with the old pipe in the garden, in the name of watering plants.. and then after dinner, our Mama used to treat us with unlimited ice-cream everyday! At nights, we used to sleep on the terrace.. before which somebody or the other would tell us a ghost story! And then we used to have bets on who can go and take a round of the entire house without the lights being turned on, and stuff like that!

As everybody got into college life and later on to their respective post graduation and then jobs, frequency of us meeting in summer reduced. Still, those of us who were in the same city, had made an implicit agreement to meet every Sunday. This also went on for few years. But then we also got into our routines that this could not be followed much.

Today when grandpa said , “arey, we are oldies now, we have so much time… that’s why we want you all to come and spend some time with us. But we realize you people have become very busy now”, we felt so bad. This was not at all sarcastic comment, but an urge to meet all the grandchildren at least for some time. Though they are pretty much occupied and busy in their own schedule, and with my l’il cousins who stay with them, still they wish they could meet all of us regularly.
Which i thought was not at all something which we cannot fulfill.

We still have fond memories of those days… we wish that a time should come, when we can again be together, have such fun again, coz this is one thing which our grandparents wish for the most! They now tell us the stories and secrets, which we didn’t know back then, or were too small to understand, but still wanted to know because they belonged to our relatively older cousins… which make us feel nothing but nostalgic…

July 11, 2008

Being Happy...

Some people are so much self – involved! Not that i am not, everybody is. But sometimes i feel so flabbergasted to see certain people so much caught up in their own self that they just fail to realize that they are not the centre of the universe!

They feel bad that certain things have happened to them, but fail to comprehend that it is the ‘reward’ which they are getting for doing bad to others. Their thoughts are so much rotten that they feel that this has happened to them because they have accomplished some things, that people cannot just stand their accomplishment!
But the reality, unfortunately for them, is that they have done nothing but troubled others by their deeds. But, as occupied as they are in their own self, doing the character – probing, that they just cannot comprehend through their minuscule brain, that they have no character left to build upon!

This does not mean at all that nothing bad has ever happened to me. It has, in fact courtesy these people, that i have also had many bitter moments in my life. And may be i deserved them probably because i let these people enter into my life. May be that was the punishment which i got.

Then i realized, these people had almost ruined my life, because of them i was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because of these people I had to re-built everything which i’d accomplished; but these people have got no qualms whatsoever! They are as happy as ever, and they feel they have full right to be so! I really wonder how can these people make others happy, when they do not think of others at all?!
To top it all, they reap undue benefits of kind gestures of others and take the credit to themselves. And they declare to the whole world that they are full of confidence and self-belief (Confident that they are ready to ruin somebody else’s life?!)! They challenge that they have become wiser... but unfortunately, they do not understand the difference between wise and shrewd! Poor souls!

And while i am pondering upon all this, i realize they can never change, and some point or the other, they will get the final verdict. I believe very strongly that whatever happens it is for good. And because of these people i’ve started to appreciate the good things in life. In a way, they have actually taught me many things! So how can i forget them! : )